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Manuel Chain Saw

Manuel Chain Saw

The Tron's Manu Sodiel is a chain saw equipped with a hand saw and a handle at each end. Particularly effective, this chainsaw manual may be used alone or in pairs. The principle is simple: just pull the string toward you and the logging is done naturally. His 3-point cut can cut sections of wood up to 25 cm and this even in places difficult of access. The Tron's Manu is a saw 80cm of solid steel for use in any condition. Small chainsaw pocket of 198 grams, ideal for camp.

The opinion of Aventure Nordique

Simple, it is composed of an 80cm chain long, comprising 140 bi-directional teeth, in tempered steel. It cuts six times quicker than the manual saw, and it is less tiring. The chain surrounds half the branch to be cut a fact which allows to cut on several points at the same time.

The cutting is performed to same as fro, thanks to 2 handles, (faster) activities with both hands, (less fatigue) which allows you to have a comfortable position and to have no more pain at the back. Owing to its articulated teeth, you will be able to saw all the difficult access places, indeed inaccessible, through a saw with blade or a traditional saw.

The cutting is always performed in two directions and so you need not grind the chain; finally you will be able to work in all safety since the teeth of the chain are not cutting. Our Tron's Manu allows cuttings up to 25 cm diameter: on dry wood, hard or green and on PVC pipes.

Easy to transport in its arrangement cover which could be positioned at the belt, it weighs only 180 gr. It is the lightest saw in the world.
Our Tron's Manu is ecological as the cutting is made without noise and without pollution. Since it is sufficient to apply slowly the to-and-fro movement to all the length of the chain, this render its use possible for the most weak persons.

For the important cuttings, our Saw can be used by two persons, as a cross-cut saw.
It is a complementary tool, even for the professionals, as it allows to cut at the very difficult access places: such as roots in water, roots level with the ground for the tangled branches and all along a wall, for the PVC pipes housed or fit in the angles, under a sink and buried.

Technical details

Manufacturer Sodiel
Product name Tron's Manu
Article number 210
Cutting diameter 25 cm
Blade lenght 78 cm
Weight 198 g
Colour Black
Additional information

Total weight : 198 g : chain saw(110g), handle(70g), transport bag (18g)
Bag size : 10 x 7 x 2,5
Made in France


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