Organic Bar Baouw Blueberry - Hazelnut - Fir bud

Organic Bar Baouw Blueberry - Hazelnut - Fir bud

Organic, vegan and gluten free energy bar with blueberry - hazelnut - fir bud flavor.

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

Baouw's nutritional bars are organic, no sugar added, gluten free and 100% vegan. Designed for sports, this bar can also be used as a snack. Concocted by a two Michelin star chef, the bars are tasty and original.

This creation offers a taste of nature in the mouth with the flavor of the wild blueberry, the crunchiness offered by the hazelnut and the freshness of the fir bud pepper which was harvested by hand at an altitude of more than 1700m in the regional natural park of the Catalan Pyrenees, all in respect of the environment and biodiversity.

By its composition this bar brings many good elements for your body, first of all the fir tree with its decongestant effect of bronchial tubes and sinuses, the hazelnut making grow the production of muscular and cerebral energy thanks to its minerals and finally the bilberry and its content in antioxidants.

Technical details

Manufacturer Baouw
Product name Barre Bio Myrtille - Noisette - Bourgeon de sapin
Article number P-BA-UN-MYR
EAN 3760267400919
Type of meal Energy Bars
Recipe Sugary
Organic Food Yes

Dates, wild blueberries 25%, hazelnuts 14%, apple paste, quinoa flour, sunflower protein, acacia fiber, extra virgin olive oil, fir buds 0.2%.

Weight 25 g
Number of servings 1
Energy value in kcal per 100g 373 kcal
Energy value per 100g (kJ) 1566 kJ
Energy value in kcal per product 93 kcal
Energy value by product (kJ) 392 kJ
Fat per 100 g 13 g (dont 1,8 g d'acides gras saturés)
Fats by product 3,1 g (dont 0,5 g d'acides gras saturés)
Carbohydrates per 100g 54 g (dont 39,5 g de sucre)
Carbohydrates product (g) 14 g (dont 11,8 g de sucre)
Protein for 100g 7,9 g
Protein product (g) 2,0 g
Fiber per product (g) 7,9 g
Fiber per 100 g 2,0 g
Salt per product (g) 0,02 g
Salt per 100 g 0,004 g
  • Vitamine E /100 g : 4,52 mg, AJR 37,67 %
  • Vitamine H /100 g : 0,00 mg, AJR 0,00 %
  • Vitamine B1 /100 g : 0,18 mg, AJR 16,31 %
  • Vitamine B2 /100 g : 0,06 mg, AJR 4,57 %
  • Vitamine B6 /100 g : 30,25 mg, AJR 2160,65 %
Additional information
  • Traces of gluten linked to production possible.
  • No added sugar, no preservatives or additives
Country of Manufacture France


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