Stoots Opalo 3

Stoots Opalo 3

The headlamp for cycling or mountaineering, with 1200 lumens of power, 3 types of beam and a SPOT mode.

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

The Opalo 3 from French brand Stoots is ideal for mountaineering, gravelling, adventure raids, orienteering, etc. This model also features a large-lens LED that delivers a 400-lumen SPOT beam. This narrow, sharp beam is aimed at over 120 metres. This ultra-focused SPOT passes through other diffuse lighting and allows you to point precisely at an area.

It has a maximum output of 1200 lumens, with a 2-hour runtime. A total of 6 levels are available: 100 lm (30 h), 200 lm (12h), 400 lm (7h), 700 ml (4h), 1200 lm (2h) and SPOT 400 lm (4h).

Opalo is powered by a removable, cylindrical Easylock 18 12 Wh battery with a capacity of 3500 mAh. The lithium ion battery is recharged via the waterproof USB-C port.

The light pack features :

  • 3 white LEDs that allow you to mix 3 beam widths (wide, medium and narrow), for a lighting range of up to 120 metres.

  • 1 white SPOT LED, for ultra-focused, narrow lighting.

  • 1 red LED to indicate battery charge level. It is also used to illuminate in fixed mode at low power and in flashing mode. This mode is ideal for map reading, so as not to disturb neighbours or wildlife. The flashing mode lets you be visible in any situation.

The Easylock concept adds versatility to this lighting system: the lamp is independent of the battery, bracket and strap. The light can be easily attached to a range of accessories: strap, helmet, bike handlebars, etc.

3 lighting technologies:

  1. Fixing Focus adjusts the width of the beam according to the lighting mode. This technology makes vision more comfortable and increases the range of the beam without any loss of diffusion.

  2. An all-encompassing, homogenous lighting environment that reduces visual fatigue.

  3. The electronic control system maintains constant power, so there's no drop in brightness depending on the battery level.

Opalo 3 has an electronic lock to prevent it from being switched on accidentally when being transported. The design is robust, thanks to the aluminium chassis.

Choice of color :

This Stoots headlamp comes in black. You can customize it by choosing an additional color palette. This option is sold separately.

Technical details

Manufacturer Stoots
Name Opalo 3
Type of lightning Rechargeable battery
Power up to 1200 lumens (high intensity)
Bulb Type LED
Lumens 100 lm - 200 lm - 400 lm - 700 lm - 1200 ml - SPOT 400 lm
Beam Projection up to 120 metres
Average burn time 100 lm : 30h - 200 lm : 12h - 400 lm : 7h - 700 ml : 4h - 1200 lm : 2h - SPOT 400 lm : 4h
Material Aluminium
Weight 124 g (95 g lamp only)
Protection Rating IP68 - 30min immersion to 2m
Accessories Sangle frontale
Additional information

Comes with storage pouch, easyLock 18 battery, charging cable, easyLock 18 alu bracket and front strap.

Choice of color:

This Stoots headlamp is supplied in black. But you can customize it by choosing an additional color palette. This option is sold separately.

Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture France


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