Rottefella Xplore

Rottefella Xplore Off-Track binding provides increased mobility when skiing across all types of terrain and enhanced stability during downhill skiing.

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Informations to supply :

  • Nnn BC: the size and the model of your ski boots.
  • 75 mm: the size and the model of your ski boots and the dimension of the sole: measure of the heel, in the middle of 3 holes.
  • If you buy multiple skis and bindings, please confirm which bindings for which skis.

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

The Xplore Off-Track binding ss the latest innovation from Norwegian manufacturer Rottefella. This binding is specially designed for Nordic Backcountry Ski. It was designed to offer better mobility when walking and more stability in the descents. This binding is made for off-track skiing, whether on hilly or more rugged terrain.

Mobility: the inserts on the front of the boots connect to the side of the binding for easy foot roll.

Stability: the insert system combined with a rigid shoe sole ensures increased stability and optimal downhill handling.

The Xplore sole is non-slip and relatively rigid. The point of rotation is moved backwards, as far as possible towards the foot for better mobility and comfort for the skier. The walking sensation is also more natural.

To ski, simply connect the inserts (Pins at the boot level) in the binding. It's simple and intuitive. To remove the binding, a lever on the front of the binding allows you to disconnect the inserts.

At the front of the binding, Rottefella has positioned a removable and interchangeable flex. The flex is a part that gives more or less resistance to the flex. You can change it according to your course. The binding comes with a versatile "All Round Flex". You can replace it with the "Hard Flex" or the "Free Pivot Plate" (additional flexes sold separately).

The All Round Flex covers all the uses of Nordic touring. With it, you can go anywhere, on any terrain. The "Hard Flex" allows for increased resistance to improve control on descents, for example if you are on rougher terrain. On the other hand, the "Free Pivot Plate" offers a freer rotation, i.e. more foot roll (travel). The position is then more comfortable when climbing or towing a pulka.

On the rear heel piece, a wedge allows for easier ascents by raising the skier's heel. The stress on the calves is then less.

With the Xplore, the heel is always free!

The principle of Nordic hiking is respected. The fact of having the heel free allows you to alternate between ascending and descending with a maximum of handling (of bindings, boots and skins, etc...). There is no device to fix the heel.

These bindings are used with Xplore compatible shoes. The soles of Xplore boots are designed to be more flexible vertically and stiffer horizontally. The design provides a more stable and secure downhill ski. Mobility is increased on the flat and walking is made easier on the uphill.

The Rottefella Xplore is compatible with all Nordic touring skis, including those with the widest sidecut.

Technical details

Manufacturer Rottefella
Product name Xplore Off-Track
Article number 10200398
EAN 7036370004822
Bindings Standard Xplore
Weight per pair 370 g
Additional information
  • Compatible with standard shoes equipped with Rottefella Xplore soles.
  • Width of the binding: 80 mm
  • Height of the wedge: 36 mm
  • Patented Springpin technology.
Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture Norway


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