Cnoc VectoX Water Container 28mm

Cnoc VectoX Water Container 28mm

Quick-fill flexible water bottle, available in 2 and 3 litre sizes. With a 28 mm stopper. Extra version: more robust.

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The VectoX Water Container 28mm is a cross between a water bottle and a water pouch. On one side, a wide opening with sliding opening/closing mechanism allows rapid filling of the pouch. A ring allows you to hang it in the water compartment of your backpack. On the other, a screw cap allows you to drink water directly from the bottle, or to attach a water filter.

This version, with a 28-millimeter thread, is compatible with 28-millimeter water filters from Sawyer, Platypus, LifeStraw and others.

This X version features thicker materials for a more robust water bottle that can withstand temperatures from -17 to 100°C. Lightweight and compact, the VectoX Water Container 28mm weighs in at 105 grams for 3 liters. Its wide opening also makes the pouch easy to clean and maintain.

Technical details

Manufacturer Cnoc Outdoors
Name VectoX Water Container 28mm
Dimensions 2 L : 34 x 17,5 cm - 3 L : 43 x 17,5 cm
Opening diameter 28 mm
Materials TPU
Weight 2 L : 92 g - 3 L : 105 g
Additional information
  • BPA, GMP and BPS free
  • Temperature range: -17°C to 100°C
Country of Manufacture China


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