EMO Outdoor Alcohol Stove

Ultra-lightweight 9 gram double-walled alcohol stove. Handcrafted in Slovakia.

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The EMO Outdoor Alcohol Stove is an ultra-lightweight 9 gram alcohol stove made from recycled aluminium cans. It is handcrafted in Slovakia. It serves as both a burner and a pot holder, so there is no need for an additional stand. It measures 53 millimetres in diameter with a height of 51 millimetres.

The most impressive thing about this stove, apart from its weight, is how quickly it switches to gas mode, only about ten seconds after ignition! Its graduated container allows an adjustment of the fuel quantity. With 15 millilitres of alcohol, the burning time is about 7 to 8 minutes (at an ambient temperature of 25°C, without wind). The EMO Outdoor Alcohol Stove has a good combustion efficiency and uses less alcohol than other burners.

The operation of this alcohol burner is simple: just pour alcohol inside, light it and then wait for the alcohol to "pressurise" and come out through the holes so you can put your stove on it. The stove is supplied with a tyek carrying case.

The Alcohol Stove can be fitted with the Origami regulator support (sold separately). It allows the stove to be used with a larger capacity pot and the flame power to be adjusted.

Technical details

Manufacturer Emo Outdoor
Name EMO Outdoor Alcohol Stove
Fuel type Alcohol
Number of people 1-2 people
Material Recycled aluminium
Dimensions Ø53 x 51 mm
Weight 9 g
Additional information
  • Tyvek carrying case included
  • Suitable for quarters and pans from 9 to 15 cm in diameter (max. 2 kg)
Warranty 2 years
Weight +++
Solidity ++
Power ++
Stability ++
Compact +++
Wind protection +
Country of Manufacture Slovakia


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