Clipbox Tick Twister

The Clipbox Tick Twister is a small kit of two tick hooks of different sizes, very easy to use and among the most reliable on the market.

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The ClipBox Tick Twister is an essential item to take with you on hikes and outdoor activities. The two sizes of hooks allow you to remove different sizes of ticks from 1/10 of a millimeter.

The Tick Twister Clipbox is very easy to use. You just have to pass the two teeth of the tool between the body of the tick and your skin and turn the handle without pulling it until the parasite comes off. This system prevents the rostrum (the head of the tick) from remaining in your skin and causing an infection, but also prevents the body of the tick from being compressed by your fingers or tweezers. The compressed body could release tick saliva into your bloodstream and cause infections, allergies and even Lyme disease. The Tick Twister Clipbox is very effective, painless and does not require the use of ethanol or ether to kill the animal. However, you will need to make sure to disinfect the area of the bite with an antiseptic after removing the little beast.

These tick hooks are made in France of recyclable plastic. Light and very robust, they will be discreet in your bag but will be essential when the time comes. They were designed by a team of veterinarians and a study of international veterinarians proved their effectiveness during the "VETERINARY RECORD" in the UK. Accompanied by their small holder, these two hooks are easily found in your bag and you can even hang it on your pants or on a strap of your backpack thanks to a system close to the carabiner principle. This version of the Tick Twister is also more ergonomic and easy to use since its handle is equipped with a non-slip coating.

Technical details

Manufacturer Tick Twister
Product name ClipBox Tick Twister
Sizes 76 x 47 x 10 cm
Weight 12 g
Additional information Clipbox sold individually; contains 2 tick clips and the plastic carabiner holder.
Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture France


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