Fidlock Hermetic Sling Bag

100% waterproof pouch with magnetic closure. Can be worn across the hip or on the shoulder. Interior dimensions 224 mm x 100 mm.

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The Hermetic Sling bag from German brand Fidlock is completely waterproof, and can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist. Its patented magnetic closure with neodymium magnets ensures perfect impermeability to water, sand and dust.

Your valuables (smartphone, car registration papers, keys) remain accessible while protected from the elements. Contrary to popular belief, magnets do not interfere with electronic equipment or bank cards.

The TPU composition of the transparent part allows a smartphone to be used through the case.

Points to remember

The 100% waterproof Hermetic Sling Bag from German brand Fidlock can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder. This sling bag can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder, to accompany you in everyday life or during more strenuous activities in contact with water (kayaking, paddling, lounging on the beach...) without fear for its contents!

Technical details

Manufacturer Fidlock
Product name Hermetic Sling bag
  • TPU,
  • Nylon,
  • Neodymium
Protection Rating IPX8 - waterproof to 30 m
Dimensions 224 mm x 100 mm
Weight 135 g
Additional information
  • 100% waterproof,
  • Fatal risk of disturbance of pacemakers or defibrillators (ICDs) by static magnetic fields! Always maintain sufficient distance between the product and pacemakers or defibrillators (ICDs).
  • No interference with bank card electronics and chips.
Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture China


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