Hydrapak Breakaway +

Hydrapak Breakaway +

Bike bottle with integrated water filter. Water bottle with filtration system for drinking water during your cycling adventures.

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The Hydrapak Breakaway + is a filtering water bottle designed for cycling and outdoor activities. Features a watertight cap and an efficient filtration system to make impure water drinkable. This water filter bottle is ideal for hiking and cycling. It lets you collect water from a stream, river or fountain and drink it immediately. The filter element inside the bottle, made of 0.2-micron hollow fibers, eliminates common waterborne bacteria, parasitic cysts and microplastics of 0.3 microns or larger.

This device can filter around 1500 liters of water at a flow rate of over 1L per minute.

The bottle fits securely into a wide range of bottle-holders. Filling is easy; the cap protects the valve from dirt. The flexible "high-flow" valve allows you to obtain the precious liquid quickly and easily.

Points to remember

Canister system with water filter perfect for cyclists who need to replenish their water supply from any source. Fast filtering and flow that doesn't impede the user's progress. The solution for long outings in Gravel, mountain biking, bikepacking, road biking... And you can also use it for hiking and all your outdoor activities.

Technical details

Manufacturer Hydrapak
Product name Breakaway +
Filter Type Hollow-fiber filter membrane
Output 1 litre / minute
Filter Size 0,2 micron
Cartridge Life 1500 L
Effective against bacteria Oui
Effective against microorganisms Oui
Effective against particulate Oui
Effective against protozoa Oui
Material TPU, POM, ABS, Hollow Fiber, Silicone, PP
Dimensions 600 ml : 239 mm x 70 mm - 880 ml : 265 mm x 74 mm
Weight 600ml : 114g - 880 ml : 139 g
Colour Clear
Additional information
  • Soft nozzle delivers potable water in a fast and easy format
  • Removes 99.99% of E Coli & Parasitic cysts. Filters approximately 1,500 liters of fresh water at a rate of 1 L per minute.
  • Unique drink through cap for easy drinking and twist to close for leak-proof seal.
  • Flip-up MuckGuard® protects the nozzle from mud and grit, opens with one hand and seals the valve when closed.
  • Flexible, ultra-light materials and the unique grip groove combine for a sure hold and high-flow squeeze.
  • Made with bicyclists in mind, the Breakaway bottle fits a variety of Bike frame sizes and bottle cages.
Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture China


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