Helsport Varanger 8-10 innertelt


Helsport Varanger 8-10 innertelt

For better indoor air quality, higher comfort and less condensation.

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

Inner tent consistent with the Varanger 8-10 and 8-10 Varanger Camp. It attaches to the inside of the tent. It offers more comfort and significantly increases the indoor temperature. It has the effect of reducing the condensation phenomenon since the flow of air is between the roof and the dual interior chamber.

Points to remember

Attaches easily to the rainfly through attachment loops. Compatible system for the passage of a pipe for the helport wood stove.

Technical details

Manufacturer Helsport
Product name Varanger 8-10 Inner
Article number 323-005
EAN 7029983230054
Sizes Folded: 47 x 18 cm
Weight 2300 g
Colour Yellow
Additional information

Materials: Polyamide WR (water repellent) FR (fire resistant) 68 D
Comes with a storage bag

Warranty 5 years


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Questions & Answers

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Question de Peter> le 30 Jul 2020 23:18:00
We just got a gently used Helsport Pasik 8-10 tent for our large family. We are wondering if the Varanger 8-10 inner tent would be compatible (though not for backpacking of course) with it. Also, does the ground sheet for the Pasik clip in at the base or just sit freely on the ground. We are in the US and just need better information about how these parts fit/don't fit together.
Dear Peter,

There's no inner for Pasvik. It is not possible to put the inner of the Varanger. Yes, the footprint can be fixed.

Avanture Nordique Team
Answer by: Aventure Nordique (Admin) on 31 Jul 2020 14:31:00