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Paos flacon dentifrice à croquer BIO

Paos flacon dentifrice à croquer BIO

Chewable toothpaste tablets with fresh mint flavour - certified ORGANIC and made in France

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

You don't want to compromise on hygiene and freshness during your bivouacs, while staying light? The PAOS range of products is made for you: ecological hygiene products, made in France, to travel light without leaving traces!

Paos organic chewable toothpaste tablets: crunch, brush, rinse! Once in the mouth, these 100% natural and certified ORGANIC pastilles release a fine foam with a minty taste. With their anti-caries active ingredients, these tablets replace real toothpaste, but without the plastic tube! The glass bottle and aluminum cap are completely recyclable.

Instructions for use :

  • Bottle of 100 tablets 1 tablet = 1 toothbrush

  • Chew the tablet.

  • Brush for 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Rinse your mouth.

  • Smile

A natural, effective formula:

100% of all ingredients are of natural origin.

11% of all ingredients are organically grown.

  • Xylitol & Dextrin: protective and purifying properties that prevent the development and appearance of cavities. Lower saliva acidity, reduce the stickiness and quantity of dental plaque and eliminate bad breath.

  • Calcium carbonate: natural mineral powder with exfoliating properties. Cleans teeth and combats plaque.

  • Inulin: moisturizes and rebalances microbiota.

  • Xanthan Gum & Glyceryl Behenate: add texture and chewiness to the tablet.

  • Citric acid & Sodium Lauryol Glutamate: provide the foaming effect.

  • Menthol: for fresh breath!

Technical details

Manufacturer Paos
Product name Bottle of organic chewable toothpaste
Article number PHPA1010712
EAN 3770014398758
Sizes 5,7 cm
Weight 30 g
Colour White
Additional information
  • Recommended by dentists
  • Store your tablets in a dry place.
  • Close the bottle after opening.
  • For children aged 7 and over.
  • Do not swallow.
Country of Manufacture France


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