Platypus Quickdraw Filter

Robust water filter, 0.2 micron porosity with a rapid flow rate of 3 litres/min.

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The Platypus Quickdraw is a water filter with a 0.2 micron hollow fibre membrane. It eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa, with a flow rate of up to 3 litres of water per minute. Compact, lightweight and robust, it fits in your pocket and weighs just 68 grams. It has a robust, non-slip thermoplastic polyurethane outer layer and a polyethylene inner layer with no aftertaste.

The teat is covered by a protective DrinkCap for direct drinking, and the ConnectCap adaptor allows it to be connected to a flask, water bottle or hose. On the back, the Quickdraw filter has double internal and external threads. It is compatible with Platypus water bottles, pouches and water tanks (Platy Hoser, Platy 1 and 2 litres, Platy SoftBottle and Platy Water Tank), as well as conventional water bottles with a 28-mm neck (Smartwater type).

Cleaning is simple and easy. Simply shake the filter against a water bottle or run water against the filter.

Technical details

Manufacturer Platypus
Product name Quickdraw
Filter Type Hollow fibre filter membrane
Output 3 litres / minute
Filter Size 0,2 micron
Cartridge Life 1000 litres
Effective against bacteria Oui
Effective against microorganisms Oui
Effective against particulate Oui
Effective against protozoa Oui
Dimensions 5 x 12,7 cm
Weight 80 g
Additional information

Includes :

  • Quickdraw filter
  • ConnectCap adapter
Country of Manufacture United States


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