Potato Stew with Fried Onions - Trek’n Eat

Potato Stew with Fried Onions - Trek’n Eat

Freeze dried with potatos and onions

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The hike up an appetite! This hearty potato mixture with onions, you can treat yourself and take all necessary forces to recover from your efforts.

Technical details

Manufacturer Trek'n Eat
Product name Potato Stew with Fried Onions
Article number TE8018578
EAN 4015753185788
Type of meal Meals
Recipe Salty
Meals Vegetarian
Preparation Putting water directly into the bag. Mix well, close the bag and let stand 8 minutes
Preparation time 8 minutes
Ingredients 24% of potatoes, 24% of roasted onions (76% of onions, vegetable fat, wheat flour, table salt), 20% of product based on textured soy protein (with roasted malt extract dye ), vegetable fat, table salt, lactose, modified starch, maltodextrin, yeast extract, milk protein, carrots, corn, thickener: guar seed flour; flavor (with wheat, celery), spices, coloring: caramel ammonium sulfite; acid: citric acid; baking powder, sugar, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat, table salt), caramel
Allergens Celery, Gluten, Lactose, Milk and milk-based products , Soybeans
Zip closure Yes
Filling Line Yes
Net weight 150 g
Gross weight 170 g
Number of servings 1
Volume of water to add in ml 490 ml
Rehydrated weight 640 g
Life (from date of manufacture) 3 ans
Energy value in kcal per 100g 426
Energy value per 100g (kJ) 1761
Energy value in kcal per product 639
Energy value by product (kJ) 2641.5
Protein for 100g 20
Protein product (g) 25
Carbohydrates per 100g 57
Carbohydrates product (g) 38
Lipids for 100 g 31.5
Lipids product (g) 21


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