Titanium Wood Stove

Titanium Wood Stove "wood cooker". As a fuel it is possible to use dry wood, grass, solid alcohol, etc. The stove can boil one litre of water in about 10 minutes under good conditions (protected from wind and rain and with a lid on the pot).

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

This wood-gas stove is used outdoors, and it offers many advantages while in use.

The stove is space-saving, light, and fuel can be anything dry you find in nature.

System of burning is more effective and cleaner than with common fire. Dry grass, moss, twigs, kindling chip etc can be utilized as fuel; but also, fuel not from nature as cubes of solid alcohol. A simple burner for liquid alcohol is possible to use too.

Construction of the stoves creates conditions for perfect burning. Air which is brought under the grate with fuel provides for primer burning of the fuel, and at the same time the incipient waste gases pre-warm the air flowing between the walls. This warm air is taken trough the holes of the upper part of burning chamber where is mixed with the waste gases from the primer burning, and where it comes to secondary burning of the gases. That creates hot and clean mixture of combustion products which increases effectiveness of burning and improves the stove-features

The pot-stand directs the flow of the waste gases, so the heat loss is minimal.

Technical details

Manufacturer Alb Forming
Name Titanium Wood Stove (Bush Budy)
Article number 669
Fuel type Wood
Number of people 1-2 people
Materials Titanium
Material Made of high quality titanium Thickness 0.5 mm
Thickness Double wall
Dimensions Folded: Diameter: 124 mm - Height: 116 mm / Unfolded: Height: 180 mm
Accessories Storage bag
Weight 234 g (stove : 215 + stuff sack 19g)
Additional information

Comes with a stuff bag.
Made in Czech Republic (EU)

Warranty 2 years


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