Inlandsis Polar Evo

Inlandsis Polar Evo

Adjustable pulling harness for dogs weighing between 14 and 45 kg. For dog sports with towing: dog-runnig, dog-hiking, dog-biking, dog-skiing.

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

The Polar Evo from our neighbours at Vercors Inlandsis is a pulling harness for long, slender dogs. It's suitable for all dog sports. This model is available in 6 sizes and is recommended for dogs such as : Border Collie, German Shepherd, White Swiss Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Braque, Eurohound, Greyster, Malinois and Husky. The harness is adjustable in length.

The Polar Evo harness is comfortable for your dog. Made from Hexaline fabric, it resists damage and abrasion, while keeping the coat soft. The Polar Evo has a sternal divider to ensure good support when pulling, and the strap crossings are free of hard points.

With this harness, you can take part in all types of dog sports, whether on outings or in competitions, for dog-runnig, dog-hiking, dog-biking, dog-skiing

Technical details

Manufacturer Inlandsis
Product name Polar Evo
  • Mousse hydrophobe
  • Tissu Hexaline
  • Bouclerie anti-rouille en acier inoxydable et aluminium
Weight 147 g (M)
Additional information

Choosing the right size:

When choosing a harness size, we advise you to rely mainly on your dog's weight. The half neck size is given as a guide. It is measured from the tip of the sternum (pointed bone in the middle of the chest) to the front of the withers (junction of the neck and the top of the shoulders), on one side only. A pulling harness does not actually follow the shoulder along its entire length. If your dog is of two sizes, choose the smaller one.

  • XS : dog weighing 14-20 kg, half neck 22-23 cm
  • S : dog weighing 19-22 kg, half-size 23-24 cm
  • M : dog weighing 22-26 kg, half-size 24-25 cm
  • L: dog weighing 25-32 kg, half-size 26-27 cm
  • XL: dog weighing 32-37 kg, half-size 29-30 cm
  • XXL: 35-45 kg dog, 31-33 cm waist

To check the size of a pulling harness, here are the points to check, numbered in order of importance (see photo):

  1. The neck straps must meet just in front of the withers at the top and +/- 1 cm from the sternum at the bottom.
  2. The seam at the end of the harness must be +/- 2 cm from the base of the tail.
  3. The main strap should pass under the point of the pelvis.
  4. The straps meet at the last two ribs.

Note: the dog should pull hard on the harness to ensure it is firmly in place.

Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture Tunisia


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