Jemtlander Pullpac 8L

Jemtlander Pullpac 8L

Lightweight pulk/sled for carrying a 60-90-liter backpack.

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

The Pullpac 8L is a utility tool designed for gliding over snow. The Pullpac is a minimalist, ultralight pulk designed for winter hikers seeking the flexibility of a backpack combined with the carrying capacity of a pulk.

Ultra-versatile, the Pullpac attaches easily to a backpack, but can, where possible and necessary, glide over the snow.

Comfort and convenience

Because it's always easier to pull a load than to carry it, when the landscape is favorable, you can simply let your backpack slide behind you, well protected in the Pullpac. This traction system reduces the strain on your body, allowing you to cover more kilometers with less effort.


When the terrain becomes rough or too alpine, or if there's a lack of snow, you can simply lift the Pullpac and attach it to your back to overcome the next obstacle.

The Pullpac is also an interesting option for those who want to travel light and like the idea of a sled that's easy to transport, even on the move: train, plane, car.

The Pullpac is designed to fit backpacks of between 60 and 90 liters that don't have oversized side pockets.

Points to remember

Jemtlander's Pullpac was created to combine the best of both worlds: the portability of a backpack and the agility of a pulka. If you're looking for an ultra-light solution for getting around on snow, the Pullpac is a serious option! Ideal for Nordic Backcountry skis, alpine touring and snowshoeing. Ultra-light version in 1 mm thickness.

Technical details

Manufacturer Jemtlander
Product name Pullpac 8L
Article number Pullpac 8L
Colour White
Material 1 mm thick HDPE (high-density polyethylene).
Length 77 cm
Width 45 cm at front, flexible up to 60 cm at rear
Weight 1200 g
Additional information
  • The Jemtlander Pullpac 8L consists of the 1mm-thick Pullpac frame, 3 folding/compression straps, a traction belt and a complete traction line with carabiners and integrated suspension. Note: the storage bag or backpack is not included with the Pullpac.
Country of Manufacture Sweden


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