Madshus Panorama M68

Madshus Panorama M68

A confident go-anywhere ski, the Panorama M68 quickly covers ground up or down hills, and anything in between. The Omnigrip NoWax base provides superior kick and glide with a progressive, positive-set waxless pattern, while the progressive radius sidecut and full-length edges turn effortlessly with the M68’s lively flex. From logging roads and backcountry trails to forested glades and low-angle bowls, the Panorama M68 skis with ease.

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

The nordic backcountry ski Panorama M68 is part of the new series "Cross Country Downhill" of the Norwegian manufacturer Madshus. It is situated between the skis Panorama M62 and skis Panorama M78 and is designed to practice completely "off track" on any type of snow. It is a real ”any ground’’ ski . Its broad sidecuts make cornering easier, allow to entirely enjoy downhills and optimizes flotation on powder. The skis are equipped with tile-shaped scales and metal edges along the whole length. The camber of the ski is slightly pronounced. The Panorama M68 of Madshus is a ski for fun and it is handy enough to go anywhere either on hilly or more "alpine" slopes.

Technical details

Manufacturer Madshus
Product name Panorama M68
Article number N21870
Type Nordic Backcountry Skiing
Type of skis With crown
Sizes 162-172-182-192 cm
Sidecut 99-68-84mm
Weight per pair 2530g /182 cm
Additional information

Multicore Paulownia/Maple
Multicore is a high-durability Madshus wood core laminated together to optimize the camber lifetime of the ski. Multicore gives extra strength and liveliness to the ski, and it is shaped to fit the ski profile, minimizing the excess use of glue in the ski's production.

Triaxial Cap Construction
Cap construction provides a structural cap to seal the top and sides of the ski over the core and surrounding materials. Cap construction allows for more innovative engineering by allowing a variety of reinforcement materials and arrangements to be protected beneath the cap while keeping the construction light and durable.

Omnigrip Waxless Base
The Omnigrip waxless base is used on Madshus Cross Country Downhill skis. Engineered with five zones, the Omnigrip base uses round, spaced scales in transition zones for a smoother, more efficient glide and sharp, tight scales underfoot for maximum grip. With its rounded transition shapes and positive edge setting, the Omnigrip base provides optimal climbing versatility and a smooth turn on firmer snow.

Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture China


Note Moyenne 9 / 10 1 Avis
Great ski for kick and glide and turns
Avis de Basti le 24/02/2015
The Madsus Epoch is my first ski of this xcd class. I am used to cross country skis and alpine touring skis and I must say that the madshus combines the best of both. I combined the ski with the voile 3pin cable binding and Crispi Svartisen Boots. With this setup it is fun to kick and glide around like with cross country skis. No comparsion to a alpine touring setup and no fiddelig with skins etc. It has a surprisingly good glide for its width and it shines in powder conditions. But in hard crust or on groomed tracks I had some problems with sideslipping. I couldnt walk a straight line in these conditions, the skis always tended to slip sideways. A friend has the Salomon XADV which are a bit narrower and I guess because of that these skies don't sideslip like the Epoch.
On the way up you can't compare the waxless pattern with skins so you can't go as nearly as steep. I put climbing wires on my binding but I never needed them. If you want to go steeper you need skins but that isn't what the ski is intended for. I am pretty satisfied with the uphill performance so I wont use skins.
When going downhill the Epoch is easy to turn even for a telemark beginner. I was instantly able to do some nice teleturns even in steep terrain. In the skiresort however I wasn't able to get the ski on the edges properly. But I guess that was due to my bad technique and I think with a stiffer plastic boot this would be no problem at all.
All in all I have to say that this is a fun ski to kick and glide around the hills and do some nice turns without the need for skins or heavy equipment. I even would use the skies for easier alpine touring routes. So If you are in a region where you have enough snow and you want to go offtrack this is your ski. I wouldn't buy one any wider like the Annum.
But if you want to use the ski on groomed tracks a lot I would prefer the Salomon XADV. It is easy to turn as well, floats not so much in powder but is better on groomed snow as it has not the sideslipping tendency.
I would always use a 3pin or tele-binding with the Epoch. Any smaller binding (NNN) wouldn't drive the ski enough in the turns if you are not a teleturn pro and the 3pin has an exellent kick and glide capability.
The service at was great with fast shipping to Germany!

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