OAC EA JR Bindings

OAC EA JR Bindings

Universal bindings for children. Use with hiking boots or snow boots. Easy to adjust. For kids and juniors !

We mount bindings free of charge when when you buy skis and fixations. Check the box, if you want bindings mounted and fill in the required information. Do not hesitate to add any other useful information.

Informations to supply :

  • Nnn BC: the size and the model of your ski boots.
  • 75 mm: the size and the model of your ski boots and the dimension of the sole: measure of the heel, in the middle of 3 holes.
  • If you buy multiple skis and bindings, please confirm which bindings for which skis.

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

Universal bidings designed for children. They are manufactured on the same principle as OAC EA, but are adapted to the feet of your kids! A Kid features smaller toe strap with catch buckle, shorter ankle strap with plastic ratchet buckle, softer spring and shorter flex plate.

Compatible with hiking shoes (soft sole) and snow boots. Min-max dimensions shoes: 22.5 cm - 30.5 cm. For use with nordic backcountry skis and Ski-Raquettes (SkiShoeing) for children: Altai Balla Hok and OAC POH 100 UPC.

Technical details

Manufacturer OAC - Skinbased
Product name EA JR
Article number 6430033892527
EAN 6430033892527
Bindings Standard Universal
Weight per pair 900 g
Additional information

NN 75 screw pattern
Boot sole length: 22,5cm-30,5cm

Warranty 2 years


Note Moyenne 6 / 10 1 Avis
Avis de Fabian le 24/11/2016
The binding is great for kids, albeit a little expensive. Unfortnynatly I got wood screws in the package for attaching the bindings, even though the Altai Skis Balla Hok require M6 25 mm metal screws. And I specificly asked if the binding came with scews. You should have told med that I had to purchase screws!

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Questions & Answers

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Question de Fabian Rimfors> le 8 Nov 2016 07:41:00
Does the OAC EA jr binding come with the necesary mounting screws?
Hi Fabian,

Yes. The bindings are supplied with screws. The back of the box, there is a mounting template.

Team Aventure Nordique
Answer by: Aventure Nordique (Admin) on 8 Nov 2016 08:51:00