Snowsled Pulk Hauling Ropes

Hauling ropes for Snowsled Trail and Expedition Pulks.

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Hauling Ropes for Snowsled Trail and Expedition pulks. The system includes the rope + 3 snaps (hooks). The traction rope is ideal on the flat portions. On more hilly grounds, it is preferable to use the rigid shaft. For security, in nordic adventure, it is better to have 2 systems: rigid shaft + ropes.


  • 8mm polypropylene (floating) rope

  • 8mm shockcord shock absorber loop

  • Y – System creates approx. 2.5m between hauler and pulk

  • Attached via fully rated (24kn) DMM Spectre carabiners (optional)

  • Weight 0.23Kg (0.33kg inc. three carabiners)

Technical details

Manufacturer Snowsled
Product name Pulk Hauling Ropes
Article number Trail Pulk Hauling Ropes with carabiners
Weight 330 g
Additional information

Our hauling ropes are 8 mm red braided polypropylene (which floats), and includes a heavy duty 8 mm shock absorber loop. The whole assembly allows about 2.5 m between hauler and pulk.

Ropes are attached to the hauling harness waistbelt loops by karabiners, and to the pulk through the holes on the top flange. It may also be convenient to put a karabiner into the system between the shock cord loop and where the hauler’s end is attached, making it easy to quickly unhitch from the system.

The complete rope system pictured weighs 330grms, including 3 karabiners. The karabiners may be used in climbing or rescue situations when security has to be assured – they are not screwgates however.

Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom


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