SwissPiranha RT90 Tent Pegs (Set of 10 with bag) - 9 cm

SwissPiranha RT90 Tent Pegs (Set of 10 with bag) - 9 cm

10 SwissPiranha plastic pegs 9 cm: an unbreakable anchor! Pack of 10 ultralight stakes.

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

The RT 90 from SwissPiranha are extremely durable plastic stakes. This anchor point is easy to insert into the ground and is very safe in terms of mooring. In fact, the SwissPiranha sardine works like a dowel: it slides easily in the ground, but its ridges located at the base reduce the risk of tearing.

From a practical point of view the head is flat. 4 notches allow you to securely fix the guy lines of your tent. These notches also make it easy to remove the sardine.

The SwissPiranha sardine can be driven directly into the ground using a foot, a hammer, the back of an ax or a stone.

In terms of safety, the SwissPiranha is made of plastic: it has no sharp edges (ideal if you have children). If you walk barefoot around the tent, you no longer risk possible injuries.

Plastic: The production and recycling of plastic from SwissPiranha tent stakes requires up to 13 times less energy than aluminum pegs. A twisted sardine can easily be returned to its original shape by putting it in the oven for 5 minutes at 160°C. Cleaning is very easy and it can even be cleaned in the dishwasher.


  • lightest full-strength anchoring

  • flat head consolidates the ground

  • low profile – no risk for injuries

  • super strong and tough

  • deformed peg can be bent back into origin shape by heating at 160°C for 5 min

  • easy to clean – dishwasher safe

  • up to 13x lower environmental footprint as aluminium peg

  • 100 % Swiss made

Technical details

Manufacturer SwissPiranha
Product name RT180 Tent Pegs (Set of 10 with bag)
Materials TPE
Packaging Set of 10 with bag
Dimensions 90 mm - Diameter (Head) : 19 mm
Weight 16 g par piquet
Additional information
  • Pack of 10 ultralight pegs delivered in a storage bag.
  • Stakes designed for 1-2 person tents, small tarps and ultralight tents.
  • For all types of floors.
  • Stake made of fully recyclable PinanhaNT Thermoplastic.
Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture Switzerland


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