Nordic Pocket Saw Skalvik 8

Nordic Pocket Saw Skalvik 8

A folding saw that combines everything we're looking for: efficiency, lightness and durability in a product made entirely in Sweden from European materials.

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The opinion of Aventure Nordique

The Skalvik 8 from Nordic Pocket Saw is a folding saw that uses no plastic, while guaranteeing cutting efficiency and comfortable handling. The innovation of this equipment lies in the use of cork from Portugal for the handle, aluminum and high-quality steel for the blade. The Skalvik 8 is totally European and made in Sweden.

It is designed to cut wood and branches in a wide range of outdoor situations, and is ideal for all outdoor activities:

  • Cutting firewood,

  • Clearing a path,

  • Cutting branches when camping,

  • Tree pruning and undergrowth clearance...

The saw's ergonomic handle is made from cork granules, which come from wine and champagne cork production waste. Cork is naturally water-resistant, so using the saw in damp conditions will not damage it. We recommend that you store the saw in a dry place after use, so that any moisture trapped in the handle can drain away naturally.

The lanyard leather is tanned using vegetable oils, an environmentally-friendly method.

The saw frame is made of EN AW-5754 aluminum alloy, renowned for its strength and mechanical properties. It offers exceptional resistance to corrosion. Its smooth surface finish enhances its aesthetic appeal.

The Skalvik 8 blade is made from high-quality Swedish steel, renowned for its strength and durability. The steel used is made from 90% recycled materials.

Points to remember

A lightweight, highly efficient saw for cutting fresh wood. The design has been thought through to the last detail. Nordic Pocket Saw knows a thing or two about saws! The Skalvik is a folding saw that you can use in your garden and during your outdoor activities. We love it: it's aesthetically pleasing and made from durable, hard-wearing materials. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Sweden.

Technical details

Manufacturer Nordic Pocket Saw
Article number 11710
EAN 7350004340156
  • Swedish carbon steel
  • Blade length: 215 mm
  • TPI (teeth per inch): 7 TPI
Blade lenght 215 mm
Total length 255 mm
Weight 197 g
Colour Liège
Additional information
  • Lightweight aluminum frame yet exceptionally durable
  • Sawblade made of Swedish quality steel, 90% recycled materials
  • Handle made of repurposed cork from production leftovers
  • The cork provides a soft and comfortable grip, and it conforms to the shape and grip of your hand.
  • Made in Sweden.
Warranty 5 years
Country of Manufacture Sweden


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