Åsnes X-Skin 45 mm Mix

Åsnes X-Skin 45 mm Mix

Mix / Mohair skins for Åsnes Nordic Backcountry skis.

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The Åsnes X-Skin 45mm Mix is a pair of skins 45 mm wide and 65 cm long. They are composed of 2 elements:

  • An anti-recoil skin made from a mix of Mix fibers, i.e. 30% nylon and 70% mohair, to facilitate climbing and optimize glide.

  • A Skin Protector insert that connects the skin to the base and fits into the slots of Åsnes skis.

Natural mohair fibers offer better glide than synthetic nylon fibers. Nylon is more resistant to wear than mohair. The mix of the 2 is the perfect duo for Nordic Backcountry skis. The protective insert prevents snow from piling up between the skin and the sole of the skis, and comes in a storage bag that can be attached to a trouser belt.

Technical details

Manufacturer Åsnes
Product name X-Skin 58 mm Mix
Article number 541008
EAN 7048652622280
Material Mohair mixed with nylon
Skin Size 45mm
Sizes 65 cm
Weight 200 g
Colour Yellow
Additional information

Maintenance and storage
To retain the quality of the skin as long as possible, we recommend to always keep the skins clean, immediately dry them after usage, and apply skin glue and impregnation periodically. Additionally, store the skins in the accompanying bag.

Warranty 2 years


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